What is VIC Cosmetics & Why you should care…

VIC Cosmet

Have you heard the news about VIC Cosmetics?


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Founded by Edward and Jessica Le, VIC Cosmetics is about to change the game when it comes to direct sales beauty businesses, as many people invest in a direct sales business financially and never even make back their initial investment. They are standing behind their mission of “We don’t make money, until you make money” by investing in their field.

I couldn’t believe it myself as someone who has been in a number of direct sales businesses from beauty to travel, but there is NO UPFRONT FEE to register as a VIC Beauty Consultant. In addition, the websites and app are FREE for the first 3 months.


The other thing that caught my attention about VIC is that they will send out three sample kits to the first 3 people that you believe can help your business.


I have never heard of anything as amazing as that…EVER. They believe so strongly in their products and they quality they bring to the beauty industry that they want everyone to have a risk-free investment and allow you to try before you buy. Consultants will have the opportunity to purchase a Product Pack within their first 90 Days for $129 that is valued at $300 and includes Full Size products, but again that is optional.


VIC is based out of Los Angeles, so all of the products are manufactured right here in the USA and their business model is strictly social selling/network marketing/direct sales. All of VIC products are free of paraben, gluten and sulphate and are vegan and cruelty free as well.


VIC is even helping those who just want a discount and don’t want to join as a consultant as well. They are rolling out a Customer Referral Program where customers can earn 15% FREE shopping credit for friends and family that they refer and they order from VIC. That will help VIC Consultants to have a strong list of consultants and team members.


Another fabulous perk is the 90 Day Strong Start Program where consultants can earn free products and cash bonuses.


I just spoke with my team leader yesterday about the fact that not only is the VIC Compensation plan lucrative and sustainable, but it is simple and easy to understand unlike other direct sales companies where you literally have to have someone break it down for you and you still don’t completely understand. It pays on levels, no generations or breakage. Top tier offers infinity bonuses on entire down line organization. Consultants can make up to 40% commission on personal sales. Downline commission is paid on the full retail volume – not on a commissionable/wholesales volume of 75% as most companies. There are Advancement bonuses as well.


They will also be rolling out a Founder’s Program which will include a profit-sharing pool. Beauty Consultants will have the first year to qualify for this amazing program. So now is the time to start qualifying!

VIC will be rolling out new products all year long as they are staggering their launches which I think is a brilliant idea. Here are some of their new and upcoming products as of right now and oh baby is this just the beginning.


They won’t just have makeup either…They will have skin care and body care products as well. Which are you most looking forward to?

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Their products are amazing. Don’t listen to me though…Check out these pictures of women who have tried them and know what it’s like to say, “#IAmVICBeautiful”.

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For me, this opportunity was a no-brainer and I am excited for all that is to come for this luxury, yet affordable company.


Are you interested in joining my #IAmVICBeautiful team and be able to access all of these perks as a beauty consultant? Or maybe you just want to try out their products and see how you will love them (lol..I’m serious). If so, please CLICK HERE and email me at info@iamashleyalove.com with any questions.

*Every consultant in my downline will receive not only the company’s trainings and resources, but specialized training and resources that I will provide along your journey as well. You will be added to a private #IAmVICBeautiful Consultant’s group on Facebook and get everything you need to SHINE from the jump. We are in pre-launch mode until February 18th when we OFFICIALLY LAUNCH, so don’t miss this time to get an amazing start!


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