A Desert Rose Co-Author Opportunity


project_20190219_094737Here’s your chance to get your message out to the world. Based on the poem, A Desert Rose by Ashley A. Love, this anthology will feature women who aren’t afraid to stand alone for what they believe, have been through the trenches of life and are still standing strong, and are dedicated to helping other women walk in their life’s purpose regardless of the challenges or detours they face.

project_20190219_094823Apply today if you have a story that you believe women around the globe need to hear. Your story is the gift that you have to give others to help them on their journey and we are looking for women who aren’t afraid to speak up on what they believe, what they have experienced and what they have accomplished.

This isn’t your ordinary book compilation, but is beyond what you have seen or participated in before, so there are specifications you must meet to participate.

To participate:

  • You must be a female who wants to see other women rise.
  • You must have or create an active Instagram account and Facebook page
  • You must be willing to participate in all pre-production, production, and post production calls and marketing.

Submission Guidelines

  • You will have 1500 words to share your story in detail of how you are a desert rose and inspire other women to stand up, speak up, look up, and uplift others as well.
  • You must use http://www.grammarly.com to edit your story to 100% accuracy before submitting it.
  • Your submission must be in 12 point, single spaced in Times New Roman Font and saved as a Microsoft Word Document (ONLY!)
  • You may choose to include up to 5 engaging journal questions at the end of your submission to get your reader involved.
  • Quotes that are not your own must list who they are by.
  • Your chapter cannot include sexual, provocative or illegal content.


What’s included?

  • The book will be made available online in Paperback, Hardback, & E-Book formats.
  • The book will be positioned to become a Best-Seller on Amazon
  • Author Webpage with your photo, bio and contact information on it
  • 2 Physical Copies of the book (One Hardback & One Hardback)
  • Copyright Registration, ISBN #, Book Formatting, Cover Design
  • Co-Author Promotional Images (Includes 1 Individual Image, 1 of all co-authors, and 2 quote images from your story)
  • Promotional Video
  • Telesummit before and/or on Launch Day
  • One blog or media interview before or during the book’s launch

What are the benefits?

  • Opportunity to share your story on an Established Global Platform
  • Opportunity to become a Best-Selling Author
  • Encourage, Inspire & Empower Women Globally
  • Purchase books at a Deeply Discounted Cost (Usually $7 for paperback and $12 for hardback)
  • Increase your Exposure
  • It gives you a product to offer at events and speaking engagements.
  • Be seen as an Expert
  • You receive 100% of profit from personal sales
  • You will have promotional images and a video to share on your social media

What do I need to do to SECURE my space in the project?

  • First of all, we are only accepting 20 women to be a part of this project, so once those spaces are filled, the project will be closed so that we can focus on assisting those women and making the project a success.
  • You must register at the link below to reserve your space. Please complete the form and you will receive a confirmation email with our private Facebook group link to join.

What is the recommended selling price for the book once released?

  • The book will retail to the public for $16.95 for paperback and $22.95 for hardback. You may sell it for any amount at or below retail cost depending on the profit you would like to make.

Who own the copyright?

  • You own the copyright to your own work.

Can I have books shipped directly to my customers? 

  • Yes, if you choose the Co-Author Diamond Upgrade, you will receive a DONE FOR YOU website specifically for you where you will be able to sell the book, have it shipped straight to the customer from your name and receive the royalties directly to your bank account, Paypal or Cash Card. You will be given a link to where you can put in the address yourself and pay for a book to be shipped to a customer at the discounted rate + shipping.

When will the book be released?

  • December 2019

What if I don’t want to be a co-author, but I would like my business listed as a Featured Supporter of the project?

  • If you are a business owner and would like to be a Featured Supporter, you can purchase your 1/2 page space where you can include an ad or picture and information about your business for $100. You will receive a paperback copy of the book and your listing will also be on our website and your Featured Supporter status will be announced on social media.