Digital Media & Visibility

In 2013, I founded Charged Visions, a digital marketing and visibility agency, to help entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, bloggers and artists to maximize their digital marketing efforts, automate their business processes and to become more visible to their target market to get the results they desire. You can learn more about Charged Visions at

I have served on the social media team for several conferences including the EPIC Conference and PeriCon. I have also helped several entrepreneurs grow their reach and automate everything from emails to webinars. I have grown the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Global Movement to over 300,000 posts worldwide. I have experience with a variety of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Ontraport, Buffer, Hootsuite, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and many more.

Want to work with me?

There are three ways right now:

Digital Media & Visibility Portal – Join my monthly membership portal for only $25 to gain valuable ways you can maximize your social media efforts, grow your following and automate your processes. Once you register, you will be given access to the portal where you will receive trainings, worksheets, tools, walkthroughs, and other resources to help you get the results you desire.

Charged Vision Academy – Want to hone in on a specific area of social media or automation? Each month, I will be adding a new training to the academy. You will get specific training where I will go through each element of a certain social media platform or tool.

One-On-One – Want all access to pick my brain or get support in a specific area of your social media and visibility needs? Schedule a session with me today. I will help you get clear on a plan of action to help you gain the desired results you are looking for. Schedule your session today because my schedule fills up fast.