#METOO – My Story of Being Sexually Assaulted

#METOO - It happened when I was 14. He was a deacon of the church I grew up in and still attended regularly. He was well known in the community. He assisted in church and was at some youth group activities. He tried to rape me with my grandmother and his wife in another room … Continue reading #METOO – My Story of Being Sexually Assaulted


Nominated for Woman of Essence Global Award

I am sooo very honored and humbled to be nominated for a Woman of Essence Global Award in the Community Impact Category. The award show will be in South Africa next May. It's exciting to be recognized for doing what I love to do! πŸ’—#IAmSimplyBeautiful  

Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society

One thing I have learned about today's social media driven and crazed society is that AUTHENTICITY stands out more than anything. People have uber amounts of choices when it comes to who they follow, engage with, and purchase products and/or services from. While social media has given everyone the opportunity to connect with others around … Continue reading Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society

{Interview} The Total Tutor Neil Haley interviews Fearless Poet/Visionary Mompreneur/Activist Ashley Love. 04/07/2017

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