I got my Cannabis Fundamentals Certificate!!!

I am super excited that I just finished and passed my certification test for Cannabis Fundamentals through Green Flower!! It was a lot of information, but I fell in love with what I am doing all over again! Stop selling sh*t (especially MLM products) that you have no idea about. Immerse yourself in what you are offering to your clients. I learned sooo much from this course from the history of Cannabis and what it helps with to how it is processed and how to use it effectively.

I said this before and I will keep saying it. Use this time to focus on you. I know things are crazy in the world but y’all you can come out of this situation better than ever if you play your cards right. You don’t have to do everything, but you can do something each day to get you closer to your goals. Give yourself some grace, but never allow yourself to give up or tell yourself that there is nothing you can do. I am working from home with my three daughters, my fiancé, my mother who is 74 with an amputated leg and my 70 year old aunt who is still working each day. I find time to work on my goals even with chaos’s going on around me and so can you.

I dedicated 2020 to personal and professional development and I am making a way to get it done even when I don’t feel like it because I know it will only help me be better at what I am doing in the long run. I challenge you to find something this week to work on that will help you take a step toward your goals. You got this! 💋 🌱

If you are interested in taking this course, visit Green Flower . I highly recommend it if you are in any way interested or are working in the Cannabis industry, especially if you sell CBD or other cannabis products.

MyDailychoice pre-enrollees – Steps to get your free affiliate account

Awesome news! Until May 1st, MyDailyChoice is waiving the $20 one time fee to upgrade from a pre-enrollee to an affiliate so that you have access to the back office filled with tools to get your CBD business started during all that is going on right now in our world.

Here are the steps to upgrade your enrollment:


Then, click the login link in the right hand corner.

CLick the pre-enrollee tab and enter the email address you used to enroll with my daily choice

Once, you get into your account, click get started now.

Once you get to the page with all the products, scroll to the very bottom.

CLICK ON the blue box that says become an affiliate without a product purchase

Fill out the information to create an account

*****Once I get confirmation that you completed the process, I will then send you some awesome resources, invite you to the facebook training groups (including the one with sandi Krakowski (Did you google her?), Announce that you are a member of Team #HempBeautiful on social media and will connect with you personally to make sure you have everything you need to start off with a bang!