What is VIC Cosmetics & Why you should care…

VIC Cosmet

Have you heard the news about VIC Cosmetics?


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Founded by Edward and Jessica Le, VIC Cosmetics is about to change the game when it comes to direct sales beauty businesses, as many people invest in a direct sales business financially and never even make back their initial investment. They are standing behind their mission of “We don’t make money, until you make money” by investing in their field.

I couldn’t believe it myself as someone who has been in a number of direct sales businesses from beauty to travel, but there is NO UPFRONT FEE to register as a VIC Beauty Consultant. In addition, the websites and app are FREE for the first 3 months.


The other thing that caught my attention about VIC is that they will send out three sample kits to the first 3 people that you believe can help your business.


I have never heard of anything as amazing as that…EVER. They believe so strongly in their products and they quality they bring to the beauty industry that they want everyone to have a risk-free investment and allow you to try before you buy. Consultants will have the opportunity to purchase a Product Pack within their first 90 Days for $129 that is valued at $300 and includes Full Size products, but again that is optional.


VIC is based out of Los Angeles, so all of the products are manufactured right here in the USA and their business model is strictly social selling/network marketing/direct sales. All of VIC products are free of paraben, gluten and sulphate and are vegan and cruelty free as well.


VIC is even helping those who just want a discount and don’t want to join as a consultant as well. They are rolling out a Customer Referral Program where customers can earn 15% FREE shopping credit for friends and family that they refer and they order from VIC. That will help VIC Consultants to have a strong list of consultants and team members.


Another fabulous perk is the 90 Day Strong Start Program where consultants can earn free products and cash bonuses.


I just spoke with my team leader yesterday about the fact that not only is the VIC Compensation plan lucrative and sustainable, but it is simple and easy to understand unlike other direct sales companies where you literally have to have someone break it down for you and you still don’t completely understand. It pays on levels, no generations or breakage. Top tier offers infinity bonuses on entire down line organization. Consultants can make up to 40% commission on personal sales. Downline commission is paid on the full retail volume – not on a commissionable/wholesales volume of 75% as most companies. There are Advancement bonuses as well.


They will also be rolling out a Founder’s Program which will include a profit-sharing pool. Beauty Consultants will have the first year to qualify for this amazing program. So now is the time to start qualifying!

VIC will be rolling out new products all year long as they are staggering their launches which I think is a brilliant idea. Here are some of their new and upcoming products as of right now and oh baby is this just the beginning.


They won’t just have makeup either…They will have skin care and body care products as well. Which are you most looking forward to?

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Their products are amazing. Don’t listen to me though…Check out these pictures of women who have tried them and know what it’s like to say, “#IAmVICBeautiful”.

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For me, this opportunity was a no-brainer and I am excited for all that is to come for this luxury, yet affordable company.


Are you interested in joining my #IAmVICBeautiful team and be able to access all of these perks as a beauty consultant? Or maybe you just want to try out their products and see how you will love them (lol..I’m serious). If so, please CLICK HERE and email me at info@iamashleyalove.com with any questions.

*Every consultant in my downline will receive not only the company’s trainings and resources, but specialized training and resources that I will provide along your journey as well. You will be added to a private #IAmVICBeautiful Consultant’s group on Facebook and get everything you need to SHINE from the jump. We are in pre-launch mode until February 18th when we OFFICIALLY LAUNCH, so don’t miss this time to get an amazing start!



Authenticity Shines in Today’s Social Media Driven Society

One thing I have learned about today’s social media driven and crazed society is that AUTHENTICITY stands out more than anything. People have uber amounts of choices when it comes to who they follow, engage with, and purchase products and/or services from. While social media has given everyone the opportunity to connect with others around the world like no other time in history and become an expert on any and every topic imaginable, it also has flooded the online marketplace making it harder to stand out among your competitors. 

In a time in history where you can connect with an audience with the press of a button, what makes you stand out from the crowd is you engaging regularly being uniquely YOU!

As a Digital Media & Visibility Specialist, I have seen and assisted many brands in showing up and growing their engagement across social media platforms and one of the MISTAKES that I see often is canned content. Yep, I said it. Content that is too impersonal, not shareworthy and doesn’t show the person or company’s personality. People want a personal connection with those they follow. They want to feel like they know you to a degree and resonate with you as a human…not just a brand, service or product. 

Why do you think so many top entrepreneurs and businesses are now utilizing Facebook Live and Periscope to chit-chat with their audience? Many times the broadcasts have little to do with the service or product they sell but more about them, what’s going on in their life and behind the scenes footage of a project they are working on. 

It’s fun. It’s interesting. It builds a trust and connection between them and their audience. 

Here are my Top 3 Ways to Authentically Show Up and Engage with Your Audience

1) Be clear on who YOU are. 

It’s kind of hard to show up in the world authentically if you aren’t even sure who you are. 

If you have a hard time with being clear on who you are, then I suggest you take sometime to talk to yourself intimately and you can start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you enjoy? 
  • What are you most grateful for in your life? 
  • What are the most important things in your life? 
  • What are your values? 
  • How would you describe yourself? 

Keep a journal of your thoughts and feelings focusing on the most powerful question, “Who Am I?”

2. People connect with your struggles and flaws.

Perfection is highly overrated in today’s world. As I browsed through my Facebook Newsfeed earlier today, I pondered on what drew me to certain people that I follow over others. I, like many (I would almost bet you to be able to say MOST) people, follow people who aren’t afraid to admit their flaws and struggles and don’t put up a persona that they are perfect. Vulnerability helps people connect to you on a whole other level. 

Plus, honestly it is just plain too darn hard to keep up with trying to be someone that you’re not all the time. It’s easier to just be yourself from the jump. 

3. Use the power of video to your advantage. 

Video gives you the opportunity to show up as you are to you audience at anytime on any day. Share your experiences, the good and the bad. But also be sure to not make your videos a pitty party of everything going wrong in your life or a drawn out sales pitch either. Connect your story to your message. 

What experiences in your life can you connect to the topic of your video? Don’t try to be someone your not by showing up as who you think your audience wants you to be. Be genuine. 

For years people tried to tell me to change my accent because it’s too southern and would say that the only people who make it out of New Orleans (where I’m from) are rappers…which is so not true. If I had of listened, I would have put out a message that I don’t value myself just as I am and as you may already know, I am all about self love and knowing that you are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL without any apologies. 

See this is why it is KEY to know who you are FIRST and show up just as you are whether it’s online, in video or in person! 💋


Enjoyed this post? Follow my blog and connect with me on social media at @iamashleyalove. 

I Jumped — And got the girls bunnies and got peed on in the process!

Bunny 3Sooo, although I love animal pictures, watching animals from afar and even chill-axing with some animals for a minute or so, I haven’t really (besides our dog Buddy and that little turtle named Cupid) had many pets recently.

Last week, I was in an UBER good mood as I headed out to Phoenyx’s 4H Fun Day where we got to hold and pet a slew of different animals and welp, you may have guess it already but I fell in love with the bunnies. So cute. So cuddly. So well behaved. Yep, let gets one. No, lets get two. And in that moment, we added two baby rabbits to our family. After my good mood wore of, I started second-guessing my decision to get two, but it was too late. I had already paid for them and was to pick them up a week from that day (yesterday made a week) when they were ready for their new home.

We went and got them from a wonderful young lady who started raising bunnies as a 4HBunny 5project when she herself was in the program during school. We got one black one and named her Leylee (my nickname growing up) and a gray girl that we named Niomi. Well, once all three girls got home and started playing with them, I realized I had done something horribly wrong.

I had TWO bunnies and three girls, so one would always be left out. After contemplating it and my aunt saying something about it as well, we went and got another baby black bunny and named her Evie. Three bunnies for my three princesses.

After we picked up the third bunny, my Awe got kind of spoiled when all three bunnies decided to start pooping at the same time. Three girls yelling, “Help, what do we do?” at the same time. Poopy pellots were shooting out everywhere in the car. On the seats. On the floor. On their laps. Umm….Yikes. I didn’t have a solution, but to throw something under them quick. As I turned the corners to get home, the poopy pellots were rolling around everywhere in the car and just when we though the bunnies had nothing left inside of them, it started shooting out  again.

Call me naive. Call me uneducated on the bunny digestive system, but it was a little bit of a shock to me. I ran to the local pet store to get food and hay for them, but was now like maybe I should have asked them “Do they make bunny diapers??”  LOL Needless to say, the princesses are so happy to have their new friends and just in time to enjoy then on Easter (their one month birthday).

Ohh and how did I get peed on? Well, I had Leylee ( Amiyah’s Bunny) on my lap after I just took a bath and put on my brand new nightgown with coffee cups on it. Leylee was running around the couch and jumped on my belly and I felt something warm and wet and I froze. Wait one second…Did this bunny just pee all over my new gown? I stripped naked in the living room, got cleaned up and needless to say, the bunnies were put up for the night.

This is going to be an interesting journey…Stay tuned for more!