What is VIC Cosmetics & Why you should care…

VIC Cosmet

Have you heard the news about VIC Cosmetics?


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Founded by Edward and Jessica Le, VIC Cosmetics is about to change the game when it comes to direct sales beauty businesses, as many people invest in a direct sales business financially and never even make back their initial investment. They are standing behind their mission of “We don’t make money, until you make money” by investing in their field.

I couldn’t believe it myself as someone who has been in a number of direct sales businesses from beauty to travel, but there is NO UPFRONT FEE to register as a VIC Beauty Consultant. In addition, the websites and app are FREE for the first 3 months.


The other thing that caught my attention about VIC is that they will send out three sample kits to the first 3 people that you believe can help your business.


I have never heard of anything as amazing as that…EVER. They believe so strongly in their products and they quality they bring to the beauty industry that they want everyone to have a risk-free investment and allow you to try before you buy. Consultants will have the opportunity to purchase a Product Pack within their first 90 Days for $129 that is valued at $300 and includes Full Size products, but again that is optional.


VIC is based out of Los Angeles, so all of the products are manufactured right here in the USA and their business model is strictly social selling/network marketing/direct sales. All of VIC products are free of paraben, gluten and sulphate and are vegan and cruelty free as well.


VIC is even helping those who just want a discount and don’t want to join as a consultant as well. They are rolling out a Customer Referral Program where customers can earn 15% FREE shopping credit for friends and family that they refer and they order from VIC. That will help VIC Consultants to have a strong list of consultants and team members.


Another fabulous perk is the 90 Day Strong Start Program where consultants can earn free products and cash bonuses.


I just spoke with my team leader yesterday about the fact that not only is the VIC Compensation plan lucrative and sustainable, but it is simple and easy to understand unlike other direct sales companies where you literally have to have someone break it down for you and you still don’t completely understand. It pays on levels, no generations or breakage. Top tier offers infinity bonuses on entire down line organization. Consultants can make up to 40% commission on personal sales. Downline commission is paid on the full retail volume – not on a commissionable/wholesales volume of 75% as most companies. There are Advancement bonuses as well.


They will also be rolling out a Founder’s Program which will include a profit-sharing pool. Beauty Consultants will have the first year to qualify for this amazing program. So now is the time to start qualifying!

VIC will be rolling out new products all year long as they are staggering their launches which I think is a brilliant idea. Here are some of their new and upcoming products as of right now and oh baby is this just the beginning.


They won’t just have makeup either…They will have skin care and body care products as well. Which are you most looking forward to?

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Their products are amazing. Don’t listen to me though…Check out these pictures of women who have tried them and know what it’s like to say, “#IAmVICBeautiful”.

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For me, this opportunity was a no-brainer and I am excited for all that is to come for this luxury, yet affordable company.


Are you interested in joining my #IAmVICBeautiful team and be able to access all of these perks as a beauty consultant? Or maybe you just want to try out their products and see how you will love them (lol..I’m serious). If so, please CLICK HERE and email me at info@iamashleyalove.com with any questions.

*Every consultant in my downline will receive not only the company’s trainings and resources, but specialized training and resources that I will provide along your journey as well. You will be added to a private #IAmVICBeautiful Consultant’s group on Facebook and get everything you need to SHINE from the jump. We are in pre-launch mode until February 18th when we OFFICIALLY LAUNCH, so don’t miss this time to get an amazing start!



‘Empire’ Actor Jussie Smollett Attacked In Chicago By Men Yelling Racial & Homophobic Slurs

According to TMZ, Empire star Jussie Smollett was transported to the hospital after he was the victim of an apparent hate crime Tuesday around 2 a.m. in Chicago. Two men beat him up, put a rope around his neck and yelled out, ” This is MAGA country.”

Sources say that this attack was racially and homophobic charged. The attackers also poured an unidentified substance on Smollett. Both attackers fled the scene.

Smollett took himself to the hospital and according to CNN is in “good condition”.

Smollett told CNN he fought back at the attackers.

“Given the severity of the allegations, we are taking this investigation very seriously and treating it as a possible hate crime,” the police statement said.

Here is the CPD Statement:

Smollett has starred on Fox’s “Empire” since 2015. He plays Jamal, a successful singer in the musical Lyon family. Like his character, Smollett identifies as gay.

Empire tweeted about the attack this morning:

Jussie Smollett is currently trending on Twitter with many celebrities sending their prayers to Jussie, as well as, sharing their digust for what happened.

I will keep updating this page with new information as it is made available, but something must be done about the hate in this country. This is NOT okay.

This tweet in particularly stuck with me:

This is America in 2019. We will never be great PERIOD until the hatred and violence stops.

Prayers to Jussie Smollett for a full recovery and prayers for our world. 🙏

#METOO – My Story of Being Sexually Assaulted

#METOO – It happened when I was 14. He was a deacon of the church I grew up in and still attended regularly. He was well known in the community. He assisted in church and was at some youth group activities. He tried to rape me with my grandmother and his wife in another room of the house. I fought like hell to get away from him as he was literally trying to rip my clothes off of my body. He touched me in places that weren’t for him to touch. His saliva still wet on my shirt after I finally got away from him by literally digging my nails into his hand with every bit of my might. I had never even kissed a boy, yet this grown man in less than 10 minutes tried to take every bit of my innocence away.

I spoke up and told my mom and my grandma only because my grandma heard him scream as I was running away from him and she made me call my mom. From the police to the church, I felt like they made him the victim and I was the perpetrator. His wife said I was lying and that her husband was an honorable man that would never do anything like that. The police and church both asked what I did to provoke it. I felt dirty like something was wrong with me. I started thinking that it was my fault, like somehow or someway I caused it. I stopped going to church for a long time because they still allowed him to attend there. Apparently being a high up deacon at the church somehow made him not accountable for his actions and it made him immune to any repercussions. The 14 year old girl who loved church and was in everything from youth group and Sunday School to Bible Drill and Choir who felt like church was a safe haven and place where she could go to worship God now felt it was a place of pain, destruction, abandonment and lies. I already felt like I didn’t have a voice from the bullying I experienced growing up and this made me close off myself even more from the world. I felt like no one cared to listen. I didn’t matter. This experience caused deep self-hatred for many years and made me resent churches. It took me years to go back to one. This wasn’t my only experience being sexually assaulted or harrassed, but it is the one that had the most impact on me.

I share my story because I want other women to not feel so alone because it can feel really lonely . Here are 3 things I learned from being sexually assaulted:

1.) It is not your fault. Do not let anyone (including yourself) try to turn it around on you. Your body is the body God gave you and someone forcing access to it is them in the wrong. You did not “deserve” what happened to you. You are not to blame.

2.) Your experience can help others (and the process can help you begin to heal yourself). For years after feeling like it was my fault, I refused to talk about it. I hid it deep within me praying and wishing it would just “be erased” from the timeline of my life. It didn’t go away. Not sharing it made it embed even deeper within me and led to depression and self-hatred. When I decided to finally speak up, I found that I was not alone and sharing my story and the release it gave me led to me creating platforms to help other women share their stories (from bullying to sexual assault to overcoming divorce and illness). Everything I have gone through in my life has prepared me for what I am doing now with the #IAmSimplyBeautiful Movement and Fearless Poets.

3. There is life on the other side. In that moment, you may have felt like your life was over and you just wanted to die or for everything to just go away, but you still have your life. Life will continue on. Sometimes you may have to pause and that is okay, but know that this is not the end of your story. God is not done with you yet.

Please #Share this because someone you know needs this and if it is you, know that whether or not you are ready to share your story at this moment in your life, your story matters and YOU matter. You are enough just as you are. I turned my mess into my message and so can you. You are stronger than you know and you are simply beautiful just as you are. Period. Your story is still being written…

#IAmSimplyBeautiful #SexualAssault #SelfLove #YouAreEnough #NotYourFault

Thank you DeVon Franklin for inspiring so many like my daughter Victoria to walk in faith and live their dreams! 

DeVon Franklin’s new book, The Hollywood Commandments is THE book for 2017 if you are ready to grow your spirituality AND walk in the purpose God has for you! My princess, Victoria Love, created a special message to DeVon and I am so grateful for his response. 

DeVon sent an inspirational message in return to Victoria: 

And posted the video across social media platforms:





If you have not gotten #TheHollywoodCommandments yet, Victoria asks, “What are you waiting for?” Head on over to http://www.devonfranklin.com to grab your copy today! 

[New Read] Take Your Career & Life to New Heights with DeVon Franklin’s New Book, The Hollywood Commandments (& my experience on the launch team)


DeVon Franklin has been my “mentor in my head” for a while now as I have yet to meet him in person, but I have learned so much from him that has positively impacted my life. If you don’t know who DeVon is, you are living under a rock. He went from being an 18 year old intern for Will Smith to being an award-winning film and TV producer, New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, and spiritual success coach. Credits under his belt include producing the hit-film Miracles From Heaven which grossed over $73 million at the box office and the best selling book The Wait, in which he co-authored with his wife Meagan Good, that reveals the benefits of waiting and delayed gratification to build a true love that lasts.

One of my favorite interviews DeVon Franklin was with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. It drew me to him because I was at a point in my life where I was just starting to become a public figure and I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t feel good enough. Check out the interview that changed the game for me below helped me to realize that the key to my success is the ability to “stay in my own movie”.

From that moment, DeVon’s words of inspiration and motivation became a daily push to keep me on track for what I have been called to do in my life. When the opportunity presented itself for me to be a part of the launch team of his new book, The Hollywood Commandments: A Spiritual Guide to Secular Success, I knew this would be the opportunity of a lifetime to support someone who has made such a great impact on my life.

I was ecstatic to get to read the book and start applying the principles before the book is even released. When the postman handed me the book, I ran around the house like a little child (I am 30 and sooo not afraid to admit it). The book not only exceeded my expectations, but also gave me the blueprint I need to reach the next level on my success journey.

“When you decide that following your purpose passionately is the most important thing, you break out every skill, every bit of wisdom, and every character strength at your disposal, and you go for it.”

That quote was from the introduction of the book and sets the intention for what the book is about. It is not only for those in the Entertainment industry and in Hollywood, but anybody can use the Commandments in this book to take their life and business to new heights.

Another favorite quote of mine from the book comes from the chapter titled, You Are the Talent.


Leading up to the launch of The Hollywood Commandments on September 26, Devon has been posting videos where he shares some of the principles in the book. A couple of my favorites are below.

I have gained so much from serving on his launch team for this book and I cannot tell you enough how much I have been impacted from this experience.

If you have not pre-ordered The Hollywood Commandments, head on over to http://devonfranklin.com/the-hollywood-commandments/ to grab your copy today and if you are looking for more inspirational videos like the ones above from DeVon, be sure to follow him on social media and visit his website at www.devonfranklin.com.

I will also be doing a video discussing key points that I love about the book in the coming days and will post it on here and YouTube once I do it.

COMMENT ON THIS POST BELOW & SHARE IT ON FACEBOOK! I will be choosing two of you who help spread the word about this amazing book to receive a FREE copy of the book! 

Many Blessings,


[New Music] Get Destination EP by Luckylou today!


I am super excited to report that Ermylou Records released the long awaited Destination EP by New Orleans hip hop artist Lucky Lou today in all Digital Stores.

About Luckylou                                                                               

Jermy Earl Tassin, better known by his stage name Luckylou, is a diverse-genre African American Indie hip hop artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the leader and founder of FNS, and established Ermylou Records in 2010. He also formed the Stomp The Violence Campaign and school tour of New Orleans KIPP Charter schools which is soundtracked by the rappers, “Stomp The Violence” single and video. After releasing a mixtape in 2011 entitled Destine, his debut EP album, Intersection, was released on October 31, 2011. Luckylou over the years since he begun rapping in 2011 has musically inclined and effectively evolved into a entertainment game changer.

Check this video out of him at a recent performance at Pep Rally With A  Purpose…

I spoke with Luckylou about the release and he stated,

“My listeners can expect me to get more open about my relationship with Christ, love life, and some excited dance tunes.”

Check out one of the songs from the EP below and go grab it in all digital stores today.

Oh and if you get the opportunity to check Luckylou out in person, it will be an unforgettable experience. I first saw him perform at an anti-bullying event in Baton Rouge a few years ago and his unique mix of dance, thought-provolking lyrics, and spiritually captivated me.

You can catch him live at…

PraiseFest on the Bayou in New Orleans, LA on Oct 22nd

Birmingham, AL on Oct 27th

Hammond, LA on Oct 7th

Gentilly Fest and Oct 7th & 8th

Connect with Luckylou on all social media platforms @4Luckylou and visit his website at www.4Luckylou.com

Bride-to-Be, #JustineDamond,  Calls 911 & Ends Up Dead

Justine Damond, Facebook

Justine Damond, a 40 year-old yoga and meditation instructor, was just a few weeks away from getting married. This should have been one of the happiest times in her life, yet it turned tragic near midnight on Saturday when she called the police reporting that she heard a noise in an alleyway behind her home. 

According to the New York Daily News, she met the police outside while wearing her pajamas and that’s when things went south. An officer in the police car shot and killed unarmed Damond. 

A blonde-haired, white woman is not your average case of police brutality in America, as we have seen unarmed black men and women killed over and over again and not one cop convicted or held accountable for it. 

Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, and most recently DeJuan Guillory are just a few of those black men and women who died at the hands of those who were sworn in to “protect and serve”. 

Apparently, the police car’s dash camera did not capture the moments that lead to Daymond’s death and the officer’s body camera’s were shut off. 

According to KARE, the officer who pulled the trigger was Mohamed Noor, who came to the United States from Somali at a young age and joined the Minneapolis Police Department in March 2015.

Noor’s lawyer, Tom Plunkett, issued a statement.

No details have been given at this time as to why the police felt it was necessary to shoot Damond. She Was known for being a spiritual healer and was from Australia, but had relocated to Minneapolis.
Both of the officers involved are on paid administrative leave which isn’t a surprise compared to the similar brutalities listed above. 

A report by NBC News stated that Daymond’s family issued the following statement:

“This is a very difficult time for our family. We are trying to come to terms with this tragedy and to understand why this has happened,” read the statement. 

Don Damond, told reporters Monday that he and the Ruszczyk (Damond’s real last name) family were heartbroken.

While families and friends of Damond are looking for answers, people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Right is right and wrong is wrong regardless of race, gender, or status. This instance keeps reoccurring across the country and must come to an end because too many lives are being taken by those who are supposed to be there to help us, not kill us. 

UPDATE The audio transcripts of Damond’s 911 calls have been released: 

Share your thoughts below or tag @iamashleyalove with updates. 

Wth? According to Walmart, the N-word is a color now! 

It was brought to my attention in a Facebook group that I am part of, that Walmart has a wig cap for sale in the color “N*gger Brown”. I clicked the link and sure enough it was right there plain as day. 

Product LINK: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Jagazi-Natural-s-Full-Cap-Weaving-Net-Durable-Stretchy-Weaving-Net-Weaving-Cap-Wig-Cap-Size-M-Nigger-Brown/886390492

Walmart has since made the product not available. 

@Walmart, what the hell is going on? Do employees even read over the descriptions and approve them before they are LIVE for the world? If not, y’all need to tighten up on that and if so well someone needs to be held accountable because this is unacceptable.