5 Easy Ways to Renew Your Self-Love

When you walk in self-love, you value who you are and you settle for nothing less. I remember a time when I didn’t love who I was and during that time I put up with trash in my life, I tried to please everyone even if it hurt me in the process and I refused to stand up for myself.  My life at that time became miserable and I knew I had to make a bold and drastic change.

One thing that I learned on that journey is that self-love is not something that can be bough, but it is something that has to be renewed daily. Your self-love changes with the situations you face in life and is not a constant variable. You must take actions daily to keep it consistent. Here are five easy tips to renew your self-love.

  1. Be kind to yourself first. You can’t help anyone else if you aren’t helping yourself first. Treat yourself like the diamond that you are and stop pushing yourself to the back because that is an easy way for you to get burnt out. Spend time with yourself.
  2. Do something for yourself. Take that class, go to that restaurant, save that money, go on that trip. We make every damn excuse in the book when it comes to ourselves, but we surely cheer everyone else on.
  3. Start journaling. It works and is a great way to visualize the dreams and goals that you have for your life. It is also a great way to see what your patterns and feeling are. When you put a picture to your goal, you are putting it out and declaring it into the universe. What you constantly put out into the universe is what comes back to you.
  4. Give yourself a break. Sometimes things happen…Stop blaming yourself and shaming yourself when things don’t go right. When you blame yourself without learning a lesson and  forgiving yourself (You did that wrong, You screwed up, You didn’t do that right) for something, then you start shaming yourself (I am not enough, I am a failure).
  5. Give yourself some damn credit. You have made it this far in your life. Smile and give yourself a pat on the back.  We are good at lifting up others sometimes even more than they deserve, but we often fall short at giving ourselves any credit for what we do.

If you would like to watch the whole video where I go in-depth on each of these tips, CLICK HERE. 

Comment down below what you do to renew your self-love each day.


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